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Est. 2015
International Film Festival Comme il Fau”: To see. To feel. To show

Comme il Faut is the International Independent Film Festival of short films, animation, social advertising and promo videos.

The Festival is a creative platform for those, whose mission is to prove that cinema remains the most important of all the arts; moreover, it is like a navigator that allows a person to make an emotional journey, sympathize and empathize.

Comme il Faut provides a unique opportunity to see the films, created by our contemporaries - young filmmakers from around the world.

Today, any volunteer can make a movie, show it to the wide audience and professionals of film industry and, in the end, get awards and recognition, thanks to the Festival.

So, Comme Il Faut International Film Festival is also a platform for communication and knowledge exchange between young filmmakers and professionals: directors, critics, producers, actors.

The goal of the Festival is to educate, inspire, unite people, encourage them to think and be a part of history.

The panel of judges is represented by professionals in the sphere of cinema, literature and other visual arts of Russia and the world (cinema critics, writers, laureates of Movie and Literary awards).

Comme il Faut International Film Festival: Resume and Event 2018.

"William Martin" by Richard Jordan

"Cold Feet" by Keishi Suenaga

"After Dawn" by Nicolas Graux

"Fledgling 2017" by Juliette Rogasik

The format of the Festival:

  • Feature Short films

    Best Short Feature Film

  • Animation

    Best Animation

  • Social Advertising

    Best Social Advertising

  • Promo Video

    Best Promo Video


The film competition is hold online among 4 types of works: feature short films, animation, social advertising, promo video.

The competition of the Festival consists of two steps.

The first one is the qualifying round, when the management of the Festival selects from all the works those, which will take place in the second round (these works will compete for the victory in given categories).

The second step is the competition in categories of the Festival (for a particular nomination). During this round the jury panel evaluates the works of participants, choosing the winners in the categories.

The winner receives diploma of the winner of The Festival.

Rules and Terms

Awards and Prizes

The nominations of the Festival:

  1. Best of the Fest (short feature film);
  2. Best Animation;
  3. Best Promo Video;
  4. Best Social Advertising/Social Video;
  5. Best Video of the Rights of Minorities (sexual minorities (LGBT), people with disabilities, refugees, immigrants, etc.);
  6. Best Debut;
  7. Best Original Idea;
  8. Best Director;
  9. Best Operator;
  10. Best Screenplay;
  11. Best Actor;
  12. Best Actress;
  13. Best Editing;
  14. Best Sound Design;

All the winners of the Festival receive a personalized certificate of the winner in a certain nomination.

* Special nomination

If the jury or the management of Film Festival decides to establish additional nominations.

Dates and Deadlines

Opening Date – June 29, 2017

Early Deadline – November 15, 2017

Regular Deadline – December 15, 2017

Late Deadline – February 15, 2018

Notification Date – February 28, 2018

Event Date – April 15-20, 2018

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